About Amazon Brand Registry

Lately, we have been receiving a lot of inquiries about Amazon Brand Registration.

Amazon Brand Registry is a certification system for protecting intellectual property and providing accurate and reliable product information for products listed on Amazon.

The specific benefits of Amazon Brand Registry are as follows:

・You can monopolize the editing privileges of the product catalogue.
・Easier to eliminate carpool companies and resellers
・Products can be listed without a JAN code
・You can create a store page on Amazon
・You can see a list of the brand's exhibited products
・You can participate in the Amazon vine advance program
- Sponsored brand ads available
- Sponsored display ads available
・Amazon brand analysis available

We have received many inquiries about the requirements for Amazon Brand Registration, so we will explain them below.

Your brand must have a valid word or figure mark, either pending or registered.

If written correctly, this statement will look like this:

Amazon Brand Registration requires a standard word mark or logo mark that is either pending or registered.

In this way, you can use Amazon Brand Registration even if your trademark is pending.

If the trademark is pending, the application number will be required.
The application number is the number assigned at the same time as the trademark application.

It takes approximately one month after the trademark application is filed to be registered in the Patent Information Platform (J-PlatPat), which is the database of the Japan Patent Office, and Amazon can confirm it on the Patent Information Platform approximately from the time of the trademark application. It will be one month later.

Therefore, Amazon will not be able to obtain information for review until at least one month has passed.

A word mark refers to a standard word mark, and a figure mark refers to a logo mark other than a standard word mark.

Amazon Brand Registration requires that the trademark information published by the Japan Patent Office and the trademark used must completely match.
Therefore, to ensure Amazon brand registration, it is preferable to file a trademark application in standard characters.

If you are also using a logo trademark, we recommend that you file an application for the logo trademark along with the standard character trademark in order to extend the prohibition rights.
This is to prevent third parties from using clever trademarks that are similar to one trademark but dissimilar to the other.

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